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ABOUT CosMediAesthetics 

In 2020 CMA was established as a privately owned business to promote healthy ageing and wellness by providing cosmetic dermatology, regenerative medicine, and skin therapies with minimally invasive procedures.

In 2021 CMA expanded its services to business consulting for clinic owners and scripting companies, education, training and mentoring of cosmetic nurses for private training companies, and insurance policy collaboration.

In 2022 CMA further expanded its products and services to include clinical documents, training manuals and online learning modules for cosmetic and skin clinic practitioners.

In 2023 CMA began offering direct training to cosmetic practitioners under the CMA banner as an independent training provider.

In 2024 CMA plans to set the standards in clinical compliance and develop a clinical compliance app for cosmetic and skin clinic owners, education and training companies, and cosmetic nurses.

ABOUT Kristin Myall

Kristin Myall is a Registered Nurse with a well established career in Healthcare and Nursing specialising in Primary Healthcare, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Nursing Education. Kristin started her career as a Phlebotomist in 2009, transitioned into General Practice and Nursing Education as a Registered Nurse in 2015, and further expanded her scope of practice to include Cosmetic Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine in 2020.


Kristin Myall holds the following nationally recognised qualifications;

  • Provide CPR – First Aid Pro (2023)

  • Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing – Australian College of Nurses (2021)

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment upgrade – AITT (2021)

  • Provide First Aid – First Aid Pro (2020)

  • Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing SHBBSK003 – Australian Institute of Body Art (2020)

  • Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments HLTINF005 – Australian Institute of Body Art (2020)

  • Diploma in Leadership and Management - Studywell College (2016).

  • Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety - Studywell College (2016).

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Tafe SA Tea Tree Gully (2015).

  • Bachelor’s of Nursing (IBNU) - University of South Australia (2013-2014).

  • Perioperative Nursing - Tafe SA Port Adelaide (2012).

  • Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) - Tafe SA Port Adelaide (2011-2012).

  • Pathology Specimen Collection Certificate IV - Tafe SA Gilles Planes. (2009).

Kristin has increased her scope of practice to include cosmetic dermatology and holds industry recognised education and training in the following;

  • IV Infusion - Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2022)

  • Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine - HealthCert Education (2021)

  • Mesotherapy - Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Plasma - Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Multi-Plasma Rejuvenation – Plasmablast Australia (2020)

  • Introduction to Injectable Nutrients - Australian Institute for Medical Nutrition (2020)

  • PDO Rejuvenation & Lifting Thread Training – AquLift (2020)

  • Tattoo removal using tattoo vanish – Tattoo Vanish (2020)

  • Skin Booster Injections – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Complex Dermal Filler – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Advanced Dermal Filler – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Intermediate Dermal Filler – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Foundation Dermal Filler – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Intermediate - Advanced Neurotoxins – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Foundation of Neurotoxins – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Lipodissolve – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Vascular Complications and Emergencies – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Mono Threads – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Introduction to Skin Lesion Identification & Dermatoscopy – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Skin Care & Skin Therapy – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Fundamentals of Skin Science – Aesthetic & Skin Institute (2020)

  • Cosmetic Injectables and Facial Anatomy Course – The Advanced Skills Academy (2020)

  • Teeth Whitening Technician – Teeth Whitening Wholesale (2020)

Kristin is currently studying her Master of Nurse Practitioner specialising in Primary Health with a special interest in womens health, infectious and vaccine preventable diseases, dermatology and  regenerative medicine. ​

Industry Involvement

Kristin's Presentations Publications and Professional Events;​

  • Industry Exhibitor and Clinical Trainer For Avaderm at the Non Surgical Symposium 2023: PDO Bio-Threads and launch of the new T-Lab Platelet Rich Plasma system.

  • Created a Training Manual for Australian Compounders Corporation 2023: A guide to assessing nutrition needs and performing nutrition therapy.

  • Co-hosted Advanced Nurse Injector Aesthetic Practice Workshop and presented live with NP Elissa O’Keefe at Cosmedicon 2023: The cosmetic nursing scope of practice gets a facelift (sponsored position).

  • Presented live webinar with Avaderm 2022: PDO Bio-Threads and Alpha PRP/PRF through Allure Pacific Aesthetics.

  • Presented live with NP Elissa O’Keefe at Cosmedicon 2022: A Contextualised Framework: What you need to know to become a cosmetic nurse (sponsored position).

  • Collaborated with Insurance House in 2021 to create a competitive and comprehensive cosmetic dermatology nurse insurance policy.

  • Presented live webinar with Dr Ben Chan 2021: Cosmetic Prescribing, Scope and Compliance.

Kristin's Professional Memberships;

  • Phlebotomist Council of Australia

  • Australian Primary Health Nurses Association (Advisory Nurse Panel,  Representative & Online Ambassador 2021-2022)

  • Australian College of Nurses (Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing Clinical Placement Facilitation in 2021)

  • Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (Associate Member)

  • Australian Dermatology Nurses Association

  • Australian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine 

  • Aesthetic MET (Medical Emergency Team) 


Kristin's Current and Future Projects:

  • Text Book: Private Practice Nursing and Nurse Led Clinics in Australia

  • Nurse Led Clinics: Framework, Model of Care, Funding and Accreditation Standards

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