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ABOUT CosMediAesthetics 

In 2020 CMA was established as a privately owned business to promote healthy ageing and wellness by providing cosmetic dermatology, regenerative medicine, and skin therapies with minimally invasive procedures.

In 2021 CMA expanded its services to business consulting for clinic owners and scripting companies, education, training and mentoring of cosmetic nurses for private training companies, and insurance policy collaboration.

In 2022 CMA further expanded its products and services to include clinical documents, training manuals and online learning modules for cosmetic and skin clinic practitioners.

In 2023 CMA began offering direct training to cosmetic practitioners under the CMA banner as an independent training provider.

In 2024 CMA plans to set the standards in clinical compliance and develop a clinical compliance app for cosmetic and skin clinic owners, education and training companies, and cosmetic nurses.

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