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Skin Care Consultation

Skin care consultations are performed to collect intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting the skin anatomy and physiology quality.


Skin care consultations will take into account your skin type, current concerns and skin care regimes to recommend the most suitable  procedures to address your concerns.


Skin care consultations will also include recommendations for general skin care, product and preventative measures.

Skin Care Consultation
Skin Analysis

OBSERV Skin Assessment and Report

OBSERV skin assessment is performed using the powerful polarization and fluorescence illumination technology to see what the naked eye can not.


OBSERV technology can guide the practitioner to diagnose common skin disorders with the use of the OBSERV reference guide.


OBSERV technology can also guide the practitioner in recommending targeted skin care products, procedures and/or preventative measures.

OBSERV Skin Assessment and Diagnosis

Dermatology Treatment Planning

Dermatology treatment planning is the final stage of your skin care consultation and the  OBSERV skin assessment and diagnosis.


Dermatology treatment planning analyses all the information collected to create a person centred treatment plan based on your skin health needs.


Dermatology treatment plans provide the patient with a structured holistic approach to skin care, products and procedures.

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Dermatology Treatment Planning
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