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WELCOME TO CosMediAesthetics 

"We all started somewhere and it wasn't easy for most of us, imagine if someone was there to guide and support you and the difference that would have made."

"Inspire, Motivate and Lead by Example"

For Practitioners

  • Career Counselling

  • Education, training and mentoring

  • Model opportunities

  • Cosmetic Nurses Network meetings and social events (SA only)

  • YouTube, webinars, Podcast (coming soon)

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Education, Training, Mentoring & Consulting  Services

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For Business Owners

  • Business consulting and innovation

  • Clinical and non clinical policies, procedures, protocols and clinical documents

  • New patient forms, consent forms, follow up and aftercare instuctions, procedure mapping, drug administration record and incident management records 

  • Education, training and mentoring session plans

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Mission & Vision Statements


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality ethical products and services to our clients to improve the professionalism of health practitioners working in cosmetic dermatology and medical aesthetics.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see health practitioners working in cosmetic dermatology and medical aesthetics maintaining professional and ethical conduct and not compromising integrity to make sales.


Our vision can only be achieved when consumers understand the difference between health professionals performing health services and beauticians performing beauty services. 


Our Principles

At CosMediAesthetics our team is dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive products and services to our clients to ensure they can also provide high quality comprehensive products and services to their clients.

CosMediAesthetics's main principle is to ensure professional practice and ethical standards are embedded into all its products and services to help clients pass this message onto their consumers.

For full access to this website and members only pages please sign up

Site members will have access to;

  • eLearning

  • Online bookings

  • Online shop

  • Events

  • Blogs

  • File sharing

  • and much more coming soon


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